Are you a PhD student and preparing to defend your dissertation?
The Learning Development Network can help you.


If you are interested in presenting your dissertation to a small audience of academics and/or students to prepare for the real Viva day and receive feedback, then you are at the right place. The Learning Development Network can support you through providing a Mock Viva to prepare for the real Viva day, indicating areas that the examiners may focus on and allow you to dry run your responses. The Mock Viva will involve academics with experience in order to gain an authentic Viva experience.

Before the Mock Viva, a document on the Viva procedure, including a list of common viva questions, will be provided. After the Mock Viva you will be receiving a document with the strong and weak points as well as recommendations on how to defend any shortcomings identified. Upon request, a videorecording of the Mock Viva can be provided to you to review later.

You can request a mock viva session by filling out the expression of interest form by clicking here. In order for the Mock Viva to be efficient, it is recommended to submit your request only after submitting your thesis and once your examining committee has been nominated, since knowing the examiners’ profile is a very important part of the Viva preparation.