Students as pedagogical agents


Students as Pedagogical Agents Initiative

Incorporating students’ perspectives, ideas, and experiences into discussions about the pedagogical approaches provides a unique opportunity for academic staff to reflect on teaching practice with a student-centred focus. The aim of this initiative is the active involvement of students in providing feedback to teachers on issues related to teaching practice.

Ask a Pedagogical Agent

Are you teaching at the Cyprus University of Technology and wondering what students think about your specific teaching or assessment strategies? How do students respond to an innovative method?
Ask a student! The teaching staff of the University is invited to submit their questions and the students as Pedagogical Agents of the University will share their thoughts and experiences.

About the Initiative

Academics and students will have the opportunity to work together to transform teaching and learning at the University. As part of this initiative, the academic who wishes to receive feedback on a course or set of courses or even on pilot teaching programs, can ask a series of questions to the Students as Pedagogical Agents Action Group. In turn, the students involved will provide their feedback to the academic in writing via email. 

The initiative is activated through the website of the Learning Development Network, where a link will be provided for sending an e-mail message to the students who have been assigned the role of Pedagogical Agent. The collaboration can then be implemented either in person or online. It is suggested that students who are interested in taking part in this initiative submit their interest through an open invitation of the Learning Development Network and receive a Certificate of Participation.

Meet our Pedagogical Agents

The Pedagogical Agents participate from various Departments of the University. See our current Pedagogical Agents as well as those who have served in the past on our advisors page.

Do you know a student who would become an excellent Pedagogical Agent? Are you a student interested in participating in the initiative “Students as Pedagogical Agents”? Contact the Learning Development Network at

Our Pedagogical Agents

This page includes undergraduate and postgraduate students who have served as Pedagogical Agents in the past, as well as those currently involved in the “Students as Pedagogical Agents” initiative.


George Panayiotou Rafael Sofokleous
George is an undergraduate student in Communication and Media Studies. George has Bachelor in Commerce Finance and Shipping from the Cyprus University of Technology. As a person with a physical disability due to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, George is fighting each day for the accomplishment of his dreams but also his goals and the creation of a more humane community. In his free time George also writes books and has a
lso published his first book entitled Ένας Αλλιώτικος Οδυσσέας whereby he talks about his own life
experiences and the personal ideas and opinions on the humankind through the eyes of a man with physical disabilities. His greatest virtues in life are the respect to diversity in people and the importance of a true friendship.
Rafael Sofokleous is a PhD candidate in Social Deviance and The Media, at the Department of Communication and Internet Studies of the Cyprus University of Technology. He holds a Master in New Technologies for Learning and Communication and a BA in Communication and Internet Studies. His current research interests lie in the fields of new and alternative media and especially in the social construction of disability online. He has collaborated in research projects, including the Erasmus+ ‘MATE’ project, which aims to combat discrimination, hate speech and promote respect for diversity in social media and in everyday life. His doctoral study focuses on the social construction and management of the identity of people with disabilities online.